Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Did I Just Scan A License Plate?

 My heart yearns to go there again.....


  1. No WAY, Linda! Do you have a WalMart yet? LOL! I am just salivating over the idea of going back and being able to spend time poking around. I was there with my mother in 1999 and we had such a great trip. Took us forever to find my little family cemetery but we finally did. It's just amazing to be somewhere where you have so many roots...history..ghosts. My family lived in Wabd and Level Green..also had family just over the line in Pulaski Co. I have written a lot more on my other blog "Old Stones Undeciphered" about my great grandfather and the cemetery. In fact I just posted a piece yesterday. Have you lived there long? Ha! It's rare I run into someone from Rockcastle Co. Great!

  2. No, there is no WalMart - we have to go to Berea for that. I actually grew up here then moved away for work. I came back about 6 years ago as my mother and most of my immediate family still live here. Both sides of my maternal grandmother's family were in Rockcastle since the early 1800's so I have deep roots here as well.

    I found your other blog right after I posted my comment here. So far I don't see any connections - my Rockcastle families are Taylor, Ramsey, Owens and Mullins.

  3. Linda, your name is so familiar. I'm sure I've seen postings by you over the years in various places. I've been at it since 1995 and names begin to stick after a while. My family came to Rockcastle Co. in 1852. I noticed you have some from Hancock Co. TN also. That's where my family migrated from. Your Owens and Mullins are old lines that I recognize. You probably feel the same as I do that we are somehow connected to everyone in the county one way or another. I just checked the (unfinished) index for my g.grandfather's you have a Lucy or a Wade Mullins in your family? Several Owens listed too. I have a ways to go to finish transcribing his diary and indexing it. Lots of local names!

  4. There are (it seems) thousands of Owenses and Mullinses and I've only got the ones reasonably close to my direct line in my db. I don't know of a Lucy or Wade.

    My Hopkins family was in Hancock, TN before they moved to Harlan County, KY in mid 1860's.