Tuesday, August 3, 2010

LOUISA TYREE: More Sources Required

Louisa's birth parents, will I ever know for sure?


To help bring clarification to yesterday's post I thought it would help to have a visual aid. 

Louisa is clearly of an age to be either the youngest child of David Sr. or the oldest child of William. She is 28 years older than Sam and Sarah and 16 years older than Rebecca.

My great grandfather, Oliver Wallen, rarely mentions the Tyrees in his diary and that fact has always seemed odd to me. Actually, Oliver didn't mention a lot of things that I'd have considered important, such as marriages and births of close family members, etc.

I have not been able to locate a birth, marriage or death certificate for Louisa...and then there's her missing headstone...in an e-mail received on March 10, 2003 from my cousin Connie Borgren: "Grandma swears that she went to the cemetery and Louisa had a headstone. Mom could not find it when she was there in the late 90's and in one of the letters in grandma's stash, there is mention of it not being in very good shape."  [Pollard-Gregory Cemetery in Denton Co., Texas]

I've studied the skimpy clues I have until I'm cross-eyed. I've got to come up with some new sources somewhere! And I will.

UPDATE: This mystery has been resolved! See the story over at my other blog "Old Stones Undeciphered" by clicking here.

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  1. The question concerning Louisa's parentage have been resolved. See the answer here: